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LiveJournal for xXx Kelly the Virgin Porn Star xXx.

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Tuesday, April 15th, 2003

Time:3:03 pm.
hey u guuuuuysssssssssss ...wuts good?,,,,nm jus here BORED in skool...waitn for the clock 2 hit 2:55pm so i can go 2 PM skool..why? cuz i HAVE 2 graduate..or else i coulda been home relaxn n watchn p*rn lol...anyways i gotta c u guys really soonn i miss uuuuuuuuuuuu!!...one day i gotta pick u up from em corners down there...hehehe anyways i hope 2 c u guys soon n PLEASE STOP listenin 2 em emo musik...kinda gets me in a "blahhh" mood hehehe..aigh guys well ttyl mwahhzzzzzzzzzzzz!! xoxoxoxoxxo n BEHAVE GRLS!!
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Monday, April 7th, 2003

Time:4:57 pm.
hello there ppl....twats good? hehehe..nm here chilln @ home gettn ready for work soon..blahh not in the mood 2 go 2day .l..damn weather!...jus a quick hi n bye... 143*
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Thursday, February 13th, 2003

Subject:poopoo platter?
Time:12:26 pm.
wuuuuts good..righ now im @ the library....a few feet from me is Ho w. her lil boy sets fireeee shirt heheeh..and cris lookn all doll'd up w. curly hair n multi colored bangles...ho looks confused hehe...but damn does she have TIG OL' BITTIES...cris is just lookn around like if shes lost hehehe..my observations id have 2 say...damn i gotta b here for 2 prds cuz of freak nasty pm skool...BLAHHH...now it looks like ho is readn cris a book...oh yea n i just found out that hos bf "caballo" has the same xact last name as my mothers maiden name.."Calderon"...imagine we related..o gret u knoe wut that means...ho is gonna b part of the family...ehhhhhh..(hehe jus playn ho-E ho ho)...thnx cris 4 just pickn on my lashes..HMMM i wonder why cris just moved 2 a diff table and chose the seat behind david...ooo oooo ooooooooo..sum1 has a crush on sum 1111111....U GO SHANAYNAY...hahaha..anna wen we watchn strawberry 2gether..all of us??..damn i gotta visit u guys...oh yea i got frees strawberry..woohooo..aigh well ho is here criticizin my nails...boo whooo...she keeps lookn at em...n sooo many questions!! lmao...aigh well gotta tell ho n deatail my "adventure"...aigh well ttyl guys lataazzzz..c ya wouldnt wanna b ya ni99assssssssssss...1
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Sunday, January 12th, 2003

Subject:hi? lol
Time:7:56 am.
Mood: awake.
suuuuuuuuuuup ppls......jus woke up.....i knoe been ages huh....jus busy wit so much stuff these days.....nadas been up...house parties, skool n all that stuff blahhh...anyways yest went out w. 1 of my bois geoffn drank hah..chilled at manhatten...his bro is a mothaf*ckn "bean" lol...2day i lookd at my pro of LJ and i was like dayuuum did i change cuz the keywerds are like sumthn totally diff than i am now..HAD 2 change it...well like i told anjum it was a fazzzzze that i wouldnt go bak 2 ..LMAO..but i gotta admit it was dayum fun!! ((like wen the grls used 2 go 2 wetlands every weekend lol)) much stuff has been goin on.....like mah grl n i got a tic 4 goin through the turnstile lmao...gotta pay that by the 24th lol....maad beans in sound factory n arena ::drooools::...lookout 4 KMK's home vid..me,tracy,nadir n nick gonna be in it =o) wooohooo...yup def a krowner 2 the fullest!...[talked 2 quinn like 2 weeks ago but he was in md...so thats that...]..fri i went 2 arena it was off the hook ...many italians =o) hehe...2day ima have a blockbuster nite w. nick, matt and franko...hopefully thats good...finally nick got his car!..igh peeps well ill try 2 type up in hea wenever i get a chance 2 c wuts up...lata..ciao..1 ::mwaaaaaaaaaah:: <3 u guys
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Saturday, November 16th, 2002

Subject:Johnny Richters got the cronik...as well as Pakalika
Time:11:22 am.
well hey as u knoe..me, nick, tracy n nadir went 2 c kottonmouth kings on monday...it was the greatest show since msi...damn we got in the front...took pix, autographs and mingled.. .it was great..pakalika offerd me 2 smoke up..so i did it twicee, he lite it up for me as i took in.. and d-loc, johnny ric and daddy x were all up for us..it was the best.. we got 2 sing their songs on the mic that they kept handin over us..daddy x gave me a pound wen he saw me rappin in the mic...woohooooooo.. .wen they come 2 nyc again im all up for it!...GREAT,,,i believe we had the best luck outta the peeps that were there...btw...they makin a live cd of the nyc show! wooohoo so watch out for hearin us...as well as we got on the cam couple of times..wooohooooooo..take care...1
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Sunday, October 27th, 2002

Time:10:46 pm.
Mood: calm.
hey..mad tired righ now jus chilln...my weekend wasgreat..sat i had an awesome tyme...me n joey met up at 42nd and 7th in the afternoon and went 2 watch jackass...omg was that shit hilarious...mad funny..aww joey payed for me hehe..so i decided 2 pay for the food..well we went out 2 eat outside after...so i decided 2 get stuck with the check so it would befair...so after that we went walkn down 5th av and went towards central park...my god the weather was just right it was a beautiful day...we had much fun we jus chilled there..it was kinda dark n wut not and we went walkn around cental and we looked through these bushes and wut do u knoe there was this black guy standn and he herd us so then all of a sudden we see this white guy get up from infront of the black guy...HE WAS GIVIN HIM HEAD!!!!!!!!!! LMAAO!!!!!!!!! omg me n joey were crackn up lol..hahaha..then we went 2 washington sq..it was mad nice...i had a great ass tyme..havent in a while...and he dropped me 2 main st and then he went 2 bklyn bak home and i went my own way...it was a great nite/// =)...anyways 2day me n tracy took my mom 2 see jackass lol..we had 2...she laughed wut not..i came home 2 finish hw and that was that...2marroe ordern KMK tix!!!!!!!! woooooooohooooooooo..c ya guys lata...take care..ciao.......1 *kell*
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Monday, October 7th, 2002

Time:10:02 pm.
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Saturday, October 5th, 2002

Time:12:22 pm.

Find out which Kottonmouth King are you?

Visit the Kings at kottonmouthkings.com
Quiz made by Vanessa Ayukawa

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Subject:worst porn
Time:12:02 pm.
sup ppl...righ now home bored...dunno if ima go out 2day....haha i met this cute ass holy cross guy ((italian/colombian)) <-mmmmMMMMmmm...yea and like i went up 2 him last week cuz i knew if i didnt any sooner id regret it and we talked wutever ill tell u guys cuz its hard 2 explain through typin..n so i went 2 cross yest. and he was there and he tapped me on the shoulder n sed hi...AWWW my god this guy is sucha hottie...fukable as well hehehehe...n e ways wuts goin on...damn yest i went 2 sleep early like around 9...and i woke up around 4am...jus watched tv n watever cuz i wasnt able 2 go 2 sleep...so im flippin channels ..and wut do u knoe...porn haha but not really porn jus like u see is T&A...thats it =( no penis'or anythin...and they had like stories 2 go along w. em...the ppl were such BAD BAD "actors"..they werent even "doin it" ..i mean come on at least pretend..and they were soo bad at it..i mean one of the grls is stickin out her lips like a herb that she is..((the lips above her waist, for all u pervs))haha...and her boobs were small n droopy lmao..nasty stuff...lol..then tracy wakes up n we watchin lol...hahahha mad funny..whole thing didnt make sense...worst "porn" iv seen..especially the actors..lookin at the cam every g_d damn second.. n that was my night...
2day nick is suppose 2 get his car..but i dont believe him lets see if he actually stops by...hahaha..well hes the one thats gonna be showin me how 2 drive as soon as i get my permit next week...hopefully...I SO NEED 2 DRIVE BY THE END OF THIS YEAR!!...u knoe go 2 clubs n shiznit..mhhhhhhhmmmmmmm...oh yea prob sumtyme this week ima go hed ova 2 flushin HS 2 pick up the grls...damn yo i think about it and i shoulda gone 2 flushin HS...haha nah really mad cute spanish homie guys there...hehe...n i saw this one white boy dayyuuummm hehehe...bayside ull get the cute ones once in a while..but not bf materials...i still dunno wuts gonna happen between me n frankie...we goin out 2marroe dunno where but will c...i need 2 tell u girls so much stuff...i mean been mnths since weve seen/talked....well im out guys..ttyl...take care...xoxoxo...-kell
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Thursday, October 3rd, 2002

Time:5:28 pm.
sup ppl.jus chillin hea...got outta the shower...feelin all nice n fresh..skool was aight..mad tired 2day...yest was kool..tell u bout it wen i see u guys in person...had tests 2day...grr TGIF 2marroe!!!.so i can relax n wut not...thinkin bout college makes me frustrated...im gonna apply for st johns ((nick n james =) )) hahaha..see u guys there...HOPEFULLY...n e ways the day is pretty wierd...in skool i felt nauseas cuz it was mad grimey weather...humid n shiznit...now its breezy n windy =0) how it should be ...aaaaaaahhhhhhh...damn ho i hate u!!! freakin got Tig Ol Bitties...n cris never changed...freakin key club?? wtf is that? u guys hold the keys for the ppl that werk @ the skool????...gotta find out info...anyways anna n anjum how u two? sluttin around as always huh huh huh huh..wut tyme u guys get out..i would like 2 pick u guys from skool one day 2 chill!...we havent in sucha long ass tyme...miss u guys ::tear::...anyways i had lab 2day, had 2 stay till freakin 3!!! if it wasnt for the failin in soph year..grrrrr....c ya guys later..take care..ciao
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Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002

Subject:im out...
Time:2:56 pm.
right now im @ frankies...well 2day im headin over 2 "wwf's The World" 2 see fabulous/n.e.r.d/clipse =0) cant wait..hopefully i get in cuz i have the tix jus that i hope ill get in w. the fake i.d ((have 2 be 18)) well anyways so yea its gonna show it 2nite LIVE i think not sure...well it starts @ 7:30pm...sez on the tic but dunno wut tyme itll be airin...hopefully i get on cam hahaha...frankies comin w. me...hes bein my "date" hehe awww....tracy u n yanirah still goin?? well tty guys later...ciao.........
*****7 more days till MSI!!!!***** woooooohooooo
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Monday, September 9th, 2002

Subject:<<>>':)(=^<< - Attention All X Heads
Time:8:06 pm.
nm happened the past 2 days..sunday is borin as usual so i went 2 nicks 2 play sum football and eat sum bbq haha..it was all good..italian beans lived next door =) mmm all day i was screamin 2 them "manja me" in italian...u figure out wut that means...oh yea n injured my last 3 fingers on my left hand..blah....

2day wasnt that bad of a day..although skoool bllahhhh..so yea went 2 skool.. saw chris jerkavich..haha now this herb is goin 2 bayside meanwhile dean says that hes transferin bak 2 holy cross..wut herbs...yea went 2 pizza after...got locked at home...so then went around the block saw kenny...so we were both stuck outside..so me n him got the ladder and went up the roof 2 get inside through the bak window which was open...did my hw while watchin oprah hahaha...and thats bout it...oh yea lol..we were all sittin at dinner and we were watchin that tv show Extra..and wut did we see...MY GRANDMOTHER ON TV!!! lol..haaha but i shouldnt be laughin..it was showin about 9/11 and everythin...n since my grandmother was like across from that, that day...they taped a glimpse of her gasping w. her hands over her mouth...and sum other ppl...it was wierd...well yea so um that was that...n now im jus sittin on my buttox, d/l musik...well c ya around...ciao ciao..1
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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002

Subject:Down at Jersey
Time:11:04 am.
Mood: tired.
well my weekend was great...had 2 do sumthing be4 skool started...thursday i "hung out" w. steve...well friday afternoon i went 2 the village w. tracy..she wanted 2 buy sum shiznit for skool...we went around ...went 2 washington sq. watched these kids breakdance n stuff..n then we went jus around..i found this great huge ass poster of clockwork orange for only 13 bux...im def gonna go bak this weekend n pick it up...we had fun that day..we did i guess a lil sister sister bonding hehe..then that nite shannon's mom picked me up and another grl who iv met last tyme..but i keep forgettin her name ahaha i think it starts with a G..well anyways her mom picked us up and we went over 2 jersey...spendin the weekend at jersey ((shannons cousins house))...omg we kept on seein beans in the highway hehehe..wed jus wave n then duck on the chairs..well anyways we didnt do much that nite..all we did was chill with shannons cousins n stuff..we were stayin at shannons cousins house..they werent beans though.... =( ..so anyways the next day we jus went around jersey jus walkin,,the houses were cute..but like very apart from eachother..we were plannin 2 go 2 six flags but we ended up not goin...the weather was bad anyway...it was damp...so yea that nite we all went 2 seaside heights..!!! thats like club town lol..OMG so many beans!! we went in2 this one club called "La Faye" it was sweet...they played mostly techno vocals which im not really much in2..we went w. her cousins..they are 17 and 19 so it was all good...i met this one kid that nite from kweens,,he lives in ridgewood ..but he wasnt that much of a bean...he was aight..forgot 2 get his sn..so yea saturday nite we went clubbin..we only went to two clubs that nite..we went home like around 3,,,one of the cousins drove us...so it was all good..n right wen i came outta the car, lol i stepped in dog crap...and right on my new stilletoes i bought that week GGRrrrr...well anyways sunday it wasnt 2 bad,,we went out for breakfast..the whole family...and her cousin rides dirtbikes ..so we didnt have anythin else 2 do..so we tagged along...it was like 45 min away from it we went 2 sum place where half of the place is for dirtbiking and half is for bmxin..it was pretty kool...not so many ppl came..there were beans though =) ...rugged ones =) =) =) hehe..the dirtbikers were much beaner then the bmx-ers though hehehe..anyways well we jus sat on sum platform and jus watched...then sum car picked up..and like buncha guys came out...they were like givin those hand slap/handshakes/hugs...so shannon and the other grl n me went 2 see if they were beans LOL...and it was sum band that i never herd of called The Used...so i was thinkin they were sum local band from jersey...so i was like watever..they knew shannons cousins friends...so like we butted in cuz they were ok lookin..anywas it was all kool..we were chillin w. them and wut not..i was talkin 2 one of the band memebers..he plays guitar i think..his name is ...lemme get my wallet, i put the paper n his cell numero in there....Quinn..i think cuz he has a sloppy handwriting hahaha...well anyways he was cute..n had a great smile...but they were kool guys especially the singer Bert ((i remember his name cuz of sesame street: bert n ernie, lol)) he was sooo outgoin n funny hehehe..well yea so that was our whole day...that nite we went 2 raceway park down @ old bridge...we saw mad sluts lol..hehe not really ...but it was kool...i saw one of kennys friend there Todd..anyways yea so that nite we went 2 a cafe n jus chilled but we def had 2 go clubbin one last time..but this time it was the 3 of us and one of the cousins,it was kool..ktu was there @ seaside it was sweet, they played mad hot musik..and there was this one freestyle club i had 2 go and guess who was performing...Cynthia!! best freestyle female singer! it was hot, eww mad ugly older guys get fresh w. grls..they rubb their dicks up against grls asses.haha..there was this one couple at sum other club sum hip hop club that were like gettin it on ..well like any second we thought they were jus gonna do it ontop of the couch, it was funny haha..then we went 2 the bathroom and u saw mad peeps snorkling with their lil mirrors, mad crazy..i did a lil drinkin n took mad jello shots...monday we jus relaxed, we were mad tired...we went online..chatted w. couple of peeps..we practically stayed home that day...that nite we went bak home...i went home n jus relaxed...but im glad this weekend was great...
damn reality is bak...2marroe theres skool..but not really cuz its not like a full day...well yea that was that...thnk god the whole time in jersey my cell wasnt workin i think of course cuz we were in jersey..so i didnt have 2 call my mom like every 10 min. haha so i jus called once in a while from the house...so yea,,,,that was that....now i think ima jus relax.... btw HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY HO!!! HEHEEEHE =) xoxoxox..mwahhh.. -Kelly
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Monday, August 19th, 2002

Time:12:44 am.
yest went 2 KTU's Beatstock!!!>...it was awesome!!!!!!! TKA was the greatest and so was Daniel Bettingfield.......wohooo hadnt had much fun in a while........Johnny was dancin his ass off lol...good goin danny......NEXT STOP: nerd w. jayz w. 311>>cant wait for that one!!!!!
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Subject:MOC>...............wut a coinsidence
Time:12:42 am.
yeah so i saw you on moc a while ago then i saw you walking around
roosevelt field on tuesday and i recognized you from your picture. i
wanted to comment in your journal but i couldnt. so here's what i was
going to say:

old bridge is in new jersey.
i grew up with steve from msi. he's my neighbor's cousin.
there might have been something else but i forgot. oh well.

have a nice day.
oh yeah im on moc too username simplypaige.
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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002

Subject:IM OUT
Time:10:24 am.
well right now gettin ready 2 go out w/ rene 2 LI...hopefully we see beans...anyways not much...weather still warm..feels like an asshole, hahahaha...finished skool yesterday!! yes i passed my english class with an 88..now i gotta see if i passed my gym class lol....tracy got her new cell...wut a herb...i guess thats where her job mula is goin...no ones home finally..but im not gonna be home...or else i woulda invited peeps ova..well peeps rene should be here any tyme now so im out...take care...see you guys in sept...1
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Monday, August 5th, 2002

Subject:"MCI CALLIN PLAN" -kosta ::lmao::
Time:9:26 pm.
Well 2day i went 2 skool...took 1/2 of my final...then went straight from dozo 2 the wiz 2 get sum tix for the MSI!!! its on sale 2day..only ppl that are in the fanclub knoe about it while others dont hahaha... show on oct 8...so far tracy n jason are goin ...i had 2 buy their tix..since jason went 2 new mexico for the week...so far they ae the ones that i knoe of that are goin and adam n his friends....so its gonna be all good..i hope there are BEANS..im so xcited...like i never been this xcited for a show..i guess cuz i like em a lot righ...derf derf...well yea thats that...2marroe im goin 2 roosevelt field w. rene...jen and luiga are cummin along as well ....we need 2 get sumthin at fcuk...great store...n stope by gap cuz i chat w. sum raver bean that works there !! hahaha..will c wut will happen...well yea anyways um..daniel this guy that i chat w. from "world waits" or sum band name like that is lettin me and 1 friend of mine come 2 the show for free...hes playin w. rufio and takin bak sunday at old bridge ny on aug 21st...so hes finally comin 2 ny...so i gotta see wut will happen w. that, gotta let him knoe asap...THNK GOD THIS IS MY LAST WEEK OF SKOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT DAMN FINALS!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,,ttyl guys bye bye
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Monday, July 29th, 2002

Time:3:22 pm.
Mood: cranky.
Well hmmm..2day im so pooped out...went 2 skool n then went 2 the gym w. joey...how fun...lol..so now im freakin hot but i took a shower 2 cool me off...anyways this weekend was good
FRIDAY i went w. kosta n Karen 2 see Austin Powers,,,that shiznit was mad funny ,,,me n Kosta kept on laughin ...we saw mad beans ::drools:: ..i bought the soundtrack to "The Last Dragon" and "A Clockwork Orange" cuz i lost that 1...and then we met up w. Dean 2 chill that nite...after a while we went 2 drop Kosta off at Peter/Pauls house...there we saw Veeto, Tahso n them..then the rest of us heded for the bus..Karen came home w. me n drooled all over Kenny..he was outside in the front waitin for his friends...so yea....then
SATURDAY i went 2 the beach w. Shannon, Joey, Vinny, Christian and Tracy...Christian drove there...w/o a license lol shhh but we didnt get caught...i got a sweet ass tan :) although 2day i started pealin from my shoulders.. and plannin on goin 2 the beach again 2marroe..its gonna be freakin hot!
SUNDAY...all i did was rearrange my room w. tracy...so much shiznit that we didnt need, but my room looks much bigger now..more space..we jus switched things around....lol we found a porn tape =) "Gang Bang"...we watched it for a good 5 min cuz ppl were home...haha 12 guys and 2 grls...thats all ima tell u...i forgot about that one...but we didnt throw it out lol...never knoe wen ima need it hahaha...and then later that nite we watched "american pie 2" w. my mommy hahaha..she liked it......
well yea that was my day....n 2marroe REPEAT
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Sunday, July 28th, 2002

Subject:MOVIES.......new story......by meeee
Time:8:42 pm.
havent written erotica for a damn while now..so i decided 2 do one 2day....well this one its different..more of a guys point of view....i hope u guys enjoi this one like uv done the others :)

It was Friday, I had just broken up with my girl. I decided to get some of the guys together to go see a movie. 7 o'clock rolls around and we pull up into the theater parking lot, we still had 45 minutes to wait till the movie began! In the lobby of the theater there were some girlies laughing and whispering to each other looking straight at my friends and I. I didn't really care what they were saying , I just knew that one of them were so hot!!! Next, I headed off to use the bathroom, and the girl I was scoping walked out from behind the fake plant next to the gents bathroom and said "Hi there, my name is Rene" I wanted to just grab her right there and start screwing her, but I managed to contain myself. Then she said "do you need any help in there ?(as she winked at me ) I hesitated a moment, and then said yeah I could use a hand! We got in, and thankfully no one else was in there, we grabbed a stall and she started grabbing at my balls and telling how fine she thought I was. I slipped my hand up her skirt and started to rub my fingers up and down her clit, as I was doing this I could feel my cock swelling up against my jeans. She unzipped my pants and started kissing down the trail, her lips were like ice on a hot fire, she started to suck me, first real slow, then fast with lots of tounge. I pulled her off my cock and flipped her around she grabbed onto the top of the toilete, I pulled her panties down to the floor and started to lick her juicy pussy, she then said "stick that big dick in me" I stuck my cock into her tight crotch and massaged her tits, tweaked her nipples, I could feel her vaginal walls push againts my quivering dick she was moaning so loud and bashing her self back and forth on me, I the turned her back around towards me and started kissing her nipples as I was still raming my self into her hard and fast, I then began to moan too! She told me in the horniest little voice that she wanted me to come all over her body , so when i reached my orgasm sayin "im gonna cuuuuummmm" ,I took it out and jerked off all over her big round tits, she loved it and started licking my cum off of them. We regathered ourselves and went back out side she went to her friends, and I went to mine with diaheria being the excuse ,we havent seen each other since, but god was it great.

.........this is one dedicated 2 Rene..any line thats familiar or memorable??hahaha *Screech*.....lol..........xoxo -Kelly
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Sunday, July 21st, 2002

Subject:OzZfEsT 2o02
Time:12:56 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Well friday was awesome...in the mornin like around 6 kenny drove me out to brooklyn w/ tracy 2 drop me out at joeys place...so i got 2 his house and they left...there we met up w. shannon, vinny and vinnys friend cristian...not much of a bean but was ok lookin...well anyways we went over to prospect park smoked up a lil and then shannons dad drove us to NJ...we bought 5 ozzfest tix this mnth on ebay,,,it was great seatin..1st level up ...awesome awesome...so we are headin for NJ now it was prob around 8 and we stop by sum pizza hut around there 2 get sumthin 2 eat..so many beans in pizza hut there was this one bean with a staind shirt blahhhhhhh..well now we get to the PNC center...mad loads of crowds...then there was this point where me n cristian we got lost we couldnt find shannon, vinny or joey..ok so now we started 2 panic cuz joey was the one w. our tix..so we went around n around n finally found em thank god!!! they were near sum bench....well yea we get in durin the show..at the tyme it was andrew WK playing...we went 2 our seats and jus sat down for them...they were kinda borin....well then other bands played flaw was aight, lost prophets, ill nino was great, hatebreed kicked ass n shyt..there was like sum fukin grl in back of us screamin mad loud damn me n shannon jus wanted 2 punch her in the face...she was wearin a korn shirt..hmmmm interestin....well anyways adema was pretty good, the singers really good lookin live...well yea then like for other bands we never herd of we went and walked around the place and shiznit...then i went 2 the bathroom mad ppl in a line..so i jus used the sink2 wet my neck n shit.. didnt wanna wait mad long 2 take a piss...man, did i give a lotta "last looks"...hehe nah really...well yea i was tryin to look for chris and dean cuz they were gonna be there but im not sure if it was fridays or sat show....but still jus looked for em jus in case,,,then we met the bassist of sum band called "3rd strike" or sumthin like that.. he was really nice jus a lil busy im guessin...well we got our tix autographed :) but we jus met him,,it was kool...well yea then wen we get bak to our seats i got a call from richy.. :) we jus talked for a while he was in LI at his grandmothers...awww....well yea then after a while musta been around 8 rob zombie played damn was he awesome...then it was system :) and ozzy...ozzy performed last...not much of an ozzy fan but it was good...it was rainin....it was a great concert :) ..then like shannons dad picked us up musta been 1am or so and dropped the rest of us at joeys...then kenny and tracy picked me up hahahah wut herbs...damn it was so fridgen hot that i was sweatin but luckly it started 2 rain hahaha...thats all wut we needed...so yea that was that........awesome day....had fun u guys :) went home n jus went straight 2 bed......

Then yest, sat. sum of my family came over and we all had a BBQ ...it was great...then me, andy, veronica and tracy had a water balloon fight...lmao..i didnt want my hair 2 get all wet n shyt so i wore a shower cap lol..hehe..yes i knoe im sucha girlie grl..but now i think i got a cold...cuz then we were jus hoesin ourselves down ...well yea and then i bought these concert tix for vinny n em and tracy is goin this tyme grrr...the sprite concert w. jay-z, nerd and 311..i cant wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we got pretty good seats....n then later on i gotta buy sum tix for the KTU's Beatstock...me, rene, karen n screech are goin so it should be awesome...then last nite i talked on the phone w. gio damn was it a long convo but it was worth it....well im out ....l8s...1
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